Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Ke legae (It is home)


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The main purpose of the meetings is to pray together and to spiritually uplift the ladies, their families and the church.

Other Responsibilities and activities

  1. Draping of the alter
  2. Fundraising i.e. raffle tickets
AWF Fellowship Hymn
We assembled stand before thee,
Offering thee in humble love
All our Hopes; Aims and Ambitions;
For thy blessing from above
Praise Him, Praise Him.
Praise Him, Praise Him.
Saviour, Shepherd, King of love.
Fellowship in Love United,
Is our Motto and our aim.
Only in thy strength, O Father,
Can we hope success to claim.
Praise Him, Praise Him (X2)
Pray we never bring Him shame.
Worship, Prayer and Loving service,
These enable us to grow.
Through thy mercy and thy guidance,
Will our work and witness flow.
Praise Him, Praise Him (X2)
May we all His Blessings know.
In thy Word we daily find thee,
Guide our thoughts to know thy will.
Through thy stewardship and witness;
We thy mission may fulfil.
Praise Him, Praise Him (X2)
May His Power our Spirits fill.
God the Father, you have called us.
Bless our fellowship today.
Through the power of Love Unite us,
Holy Spirit, Guide our way.
Praise Him, Praise Him (X2)
May we never from Thee stray?