Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Ke legae (It is home)

Fr Khumalo Biography of the Rev'd Fr Mduduzi Alfred Khumalo

My name is Mduduzi Alfred Khumalo. I got married in 1965 and I have 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy who passed on) and 9 grandchildren.  

I was born on the 13th of July 1939 in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. When I was a year old, our family left for KwaZulu Natal Province to live in Claremont, Durban. It wasn’t long before we came back to Johannesburg to live in Orlando East, Soweto. From Orlando East we moved to Moroka, which was called Masakeni.  We were there from 1947 to 1959 and thereafter moved to Zola.  We moved from Zola to Orlando West in 1977 where I am residing with my family.

When growing up I was not a Church going person although at home we were Anglicans. I became involved in sport. In the 1950’s I was an amateur boxer. I left boxing to become a soccer player and I played soccer between 1963 to1971. After retiring from playing soccer I went back to boxing to become a boxing trainer between 1972 to 1977. My involvement in sport made me not to focus on attending Church.

I worked for a company called Anglo Vaal Mining at its head office between 1956 and 1989. I started as a messenger and few years later I was promoted to filling and I became a Filing Clerk Supervisor. I was later transferred to work at the company’s section called Certification Office doing transactions for the brokers of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. I worked in that section until my retirement in 1989.

I was very violent during my sporting years. I used to chase train preachers away by telling them to go and preach on other train coaches because to me at that time they were making unnecessary noise. One day I had an argument with a guy. I used vulgar words and insulted him while we were inside the train. We then arrived at Westgate station and had to get off. This man said to me “As you are being rude like this, you will find things going wrong at your home this afternoon!” Indeed when I got home my wife showed me a doctor’s note which instructed her not to sleep but to go straight to the hospital. She told me that she had been bleeding at work. We then asked our neighbor to transport us to Baragwanath Hospital. I couldn’t stay in hospital that night as I had to go home. The following day I got a report that she had a miscarriage. She was 3 months pregnant.  

That was a turning point in my life. I started asking God questions like “why did this thing happen to us Lord?” On the night after leaving my wife in hospital I locked myself in our bedroom and started to pray. It was my first prayer in life. My prayer was that “if what happened today to my wife was because of my actions and attitude towards people, then I ask for forgiveness for my wife’s sake”.  This incident shaped my faith and life. On that very day I became a prayerful person and I started to attend Church services at Holy Cross Anglican Church. Ironically, I became a train preacher.

The Community of Resurrection (CR) fathers “Anglican Monks” played a crucial role in my spiritual formation. We used to pray seven times a day. I learned from them to do home visits. They shaped my ministry. They had a special way of attracting people to Church and services during their time used to be well attended.  I will forever be grateful to Fr Williams, Brother Charles, Brother Jeremy and Fr Stanton amongst others for grooming me spiritually.  

I became a member of the Anglican Men’s Fellowship (AMF) and served as its secretary in the parish of Holy Cross. In 1979 I became a lay minister. I served in the parish council during the time of Fr Peter Lenkoe. As I was doing a lot of pastoral work within the parish, Fr Peter Lenkoe discerned that I should consider being a priest.

In 1992 I started the discernment process by joining the Fellowship of Vocation. I started attending Bible studies which were led by a group of Pentecostal Churches. These Bible studies were focusing on the New Testament books especially the Epistles of Paul. After that I studied with the ecumenical college called Theological Education by Extension (TEE) and obtained a certificate in Theology. 

I was made a deacon in 1994 by Bishop Duncan and I continued to serve at Holy Cross. In 1996 I attempted a theology diploma. I passed 11 courses out of 13. I was unable to finish the diploma. In 2000, I was made a priest by Bishop Brian. In February 2001 I was transferred to St Cyprian in Doornkop (Snakepark). I was the parish Priest in Charge from 2001 up to 2011.  I retired at the end of 2011.

Starting with Walking A Journey Through The Bible course in 1990, syudying at TEE, doing the Fundamental Preaching Course with UNISA in 2012 and other Bible study courses; helped me to interpret and preach in a manner that does not deviate from the scriptures. My intention when preaching has always been to inspire people spiritually by not deviating from the scriptures so that they become true believers.  

I always strive to live what I preach and become a good example to all the believers around me. Living what you preach as a person makes people to understand that living a Christian life is easy.

I devote myself in praying, reading and meditation on the scriptures. I do read a lot of commentary books on the Bible.

I grew at Holy Cross and I am the product of Holy Cross.  All that I have achieved in the ministry is because of what Holy Cross made me to become.