Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Ke legae (It is home)

We thank God for the following servants who faithfully ministered in the parish of Holy Cross Orlando West.

Orlando and Pimville Native Mission District

1941-1942: Fr R.E. Raynes  CR

                 Assistants: Fr C.M. Lunniss, Fr M.D.P. Masiko, Fr C. Molefe

1943-1947: Fr T Huddleston CR

                 Assistants: Fr C.M Lunniss, Fr R.G.J.T. Dove, Fr A.G.W. Hunter and Fr C. Molefe

1948-1949: Fr Davie CR

                 Assistants: Fr S. Diale, Fr J. Mzamo

Orlando (Holy Cross)

1950-1951: Fr J.A. Wardle CR

                 Assistant: Fr S. Diale

1952-1954: Fr Ross CR

                 Assistant: Fr J. Nduna CR

1955-1956: Fr J.A. Wardle CR

                 Assistant: Fr D.F. Sibeko

1957-1958: Fr L.T. Rakale CR

                 Assistant: Fr S.J. Mothopeng

1960-1971: Fr David Rakale

                 Assistants: 1963-1964: FR G.S. Motsamai, 1965-1970: Fr R.E.M. Mguli

1972-1978: Fr B. Photolo

                 Assistant: Fr A.N. Mbalula

1979-1983:  Fr S.S.M. Thejane

                  Assistant: Fr A.N. Mbalula

1984-1984: Fr A.N. Mbalula

1985-1986: Fr J.N. Williams CR

                 Assistants: Fr A.N. Mbalula, Fr T.T.H. Stanton CR, Fr Charles Cole CR and Fr J.C.R. Platt.

1987-1988: Fr A.N. Mbalula

                       Assistants: Fr T.T.H. Stanton CR and Fr J.R. Platt.

1989-1997: Fr Peter Lenkoe

                 Assistants:  Fr A.N. Mbalula and Fr A.M. Khumalo.

1998-1998: Fr C.M. Mphaki

                 Assistant: Fr A.M. Khumalo

1999:         Fr Thato Molipa

                 Assistants: Fr A.M. Khumalo, Fr M Makata, Fr C.M. Mphaki and Fr Paul Siaki.

1999-2005: Fr Thato Molipa

2006-2011: Fr Steve Moreo

2011 to date: Fr Lankiri Thaba